This is Us

This is the life of a mama, daddy, four kids and some cats, some chickens, and a lot of gardens. We prefer to get our education from the world around us, our spirituality anywhere that uplifts us, our emotional support from each other in a very natural way, and our physical health from our nutrition and doing real life exercise (like lifting a baby over my head til she can’t stop giggling. This is our life.

Its definitely geared toward life learners like ourselves and may offend some. If you’re offended then stop reading and go do something that makes YOU happy instead. Or stick around and discover a perspective different than your own. I’m not asking anyone to live or believe like we do. I only want to share what we do and direct you to resources where you can learn more about our style of life.

Daddy works outside the home but is a pretty good house husband when its required of him. He likes to garden and build things. He’s been busy building his own blogs about our area of the world (the Black Hills of SD -more specifically Deadwood)and his love of all things Paleo.

Mama’s den is the home but the world is our “classroom”. We’ve been unschooling about 10 years. In this blog I’ll write about my experiments with crafts, sewing, cooking, and nutrition. I’ll use it as a platform for primal eating, peaceful parenting, and free-schooling. I’ll chat about our adventures and what we do to keep life interesting. I’ll occasionally share some reviews of books and products that have enriched our lives.

The cubs are: My oldest who is15 yr old “Ayan” . She is very talented at drawing and photography. She likes gaming and exploring you-tube. She is introspective and smart and can carry on a good conversation when she wants to. She’s been through lots of changes-in home life, biologically (obviously, she’s a teen) and with her schooling. She’s still a kid though trying to find her place in the world. The kids(girls) are, Z and V and are 18 mos apart. When they were tots it was often stressful and challenging to be at my best and present. Still I did better than some at keeping to my philosophy at peaceful parenting. They are alike in some ways but have very different personalities. They are both energetic and are always busy discovering their world. Z is a thinker and a planner. She’s creative at making tiny worlds with stuff and in minecraft. She has her favorite gamers and you-tubers and has learned tons from her online world. V is a doer-often jumping right in, without much forethought. She’s full of excitement and very outgoing. She loves all things princess but has made her own rules of just how a princess should act. Q is almost 2. He’s the most relaxed and easy going but he likes things his way too. He’s doing a pretty good job at keeping up with his sisters.

Occasionally, in my posts, I’ll get real and deeply emotional. This is my life from my perspective. This is my truth and my journey and that includes the darkness, the valleys, and the pits too. But its always in motion, I’m always becoming a better version of myself even in my not so glorious moments. I question everything at some point. I’m not set in stone and have changed loads over the years. But I’ve always liked exploring my mind and journalling about it. A lot of that won’t make it to the blogoshpere-this is only a glimpse into our life.


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