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It is where I am chronicling our day to day homeschooling. I could use a variety of terms to describe what we do; unschooling, eclectic schooling, life learning, natural learning, free schooling. As of winter 2014 my oldest will be 16, our second will be 6 1/2, third will be 5, and fourth will be 2.  On this page I will log our day to day activities, learning opportunities, and educational resources. It won’t be limited to school aged people-this is life-long, whole-life, learning. Occasionally I will link to a post that delves deeper into an activity, life lesson, philosophy of education, child development, or parenting. Other links will be to posts that describe what we’ve done in the past.

This here, is basic summary of what we do day to day that pertains specifically to education. It is mostly from my perspective as Mom and the one who is with the kids most often. Though I will include some activities done with dad and other people there will be a lot learning being done that I won’t see. I created this page for three reasons. First, I want a journal of sorts to remind me just how much we really do. Second, I want a written account for that just-in-case scenario where the nosy, over reaching government and school officials decide that the children belong to them and they try to insist that what we do doesn’t qualify as school-here they can see just how much we really do learn and the myriad of subjects we actually cover. (Yes I’m one of those, but I promise I won’t get into that too much on this particular page). Third, it can be an idea page for you, if you’re a homeschooler/unschooler/present and attached parent and looking for some how-to or what-to-do.

For the most part we live fairly organically, We try to live in the moment and  take advantage of both learning and healthy-relationship opportunities. We strive to encourage a love for learning by sharing our passion and interests. We practice finding the education in many moments more often than conceiving a lesson and then teaching it. People naturally absorb information and apply it to their lives. The kids are sponging it up more so than then the adults and there are many learning moments I don’t witness. Sometimes I play with them, sometimes I lead, other times I let them lead. I also try to often not get involved and instead I observe. One of the things I’ve taught myself  is child development and I apply a lot of Montessori methods to their early years. We encourage participation and questioning. When we don’t know the answers we (help them) look it up. Education is valued but school sanctioned academic standards are not.



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