Coming Soon

Its been years since I’ve done much with this site-for many reasons-which I’ll touch on. Coming soon I have posts about LGBTQ+ equality and the stupidity of hating on the queer community, gun control:my questions and thoughts, and my evolution of self as I transition out of the phase of being a mom to toddlers and preschool aged kid. I’ll also use this site for my LGBTQ+ book and movie reviews. I’m also going through some revelations about myself and where I fit into the LGBTQ+ spectrum that I’ll be adding that to the He Lives In Her Head page.I’m also revamping the homeschool section which is currently hidden in draft form since I’ve also been re-assessing and re-working our method.

I’m hoping to sync it somewhat with my Instgram, probably not my twitter cause its mostly for random thoughts I don’t really want to share, and my alternative Facebook pages.

I don’t know how good I’ll be about writing since life and my own mind have a craptacular way of getting in my way….but i will try…


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