Science vs God

What are the big controversies between evolution vs creation and climate change vs not? What does proving one side over the other really prove or really matter? I’ve been immersed in both sides before and I have to say I don’t really think its a big deal in the long run and people waste entirely too much time arguing about it.


Evolution isn’t going to disprove there is a God. Creation isn’t going to disprove evolution or prove the world is only a few thousand years old. I think a God can certainly create mankind from a big bang and love them just the same. I don’t think the book of Genesis has to be so literal to be truth. God is probably quite creative and poetic too so he probably knows how to use a metaphor. And there is still so much that science can’t do that God may be just beyond its laws-or at least ones that haven’t been discovered yet. Maybe God lives in those black holes we know so little about or in the parts of the brain we still don’t understand. God and Science do not have to be separate. Both are still highly unknown and still left with lots to discover. They’ve both been misinterpreted and used to manipulate and control the masses. From my perspective they could be one in the same.


And so what if climate change proves to be real-its not like it can be stopped either way. So what if its going to make life difficult for billions of people. Those who believe are preparing and will most likely do all right and those who don’t believe will either adapt or die-that’s survival of the fittest and isn’t such a bad thing.


And I’m tired of both sides making generalizations about the other. Not all creationist parents will raise ignorant kids who will forever bow down to one way of believing. Not all scientists are poor souls doomed to hell because they ask to many questions.


Its okay to use science and believe in what its found. Its okay to believe in God. There is a whole lot about both that can still be discovered. And because both can be interpreted many ways, both are viewed through lenses of culture and time/advancement then neither are ever going to prove¬† one exists and the other doesn’t. Both are in the hands of humans which makes them both fallible.


ps-I also think these arguments are flamed by those who want the masses fighting-who don’t really care about them but pretend to so they can be in control. Many of the arguments (about anything) are turned into political stances so that one side can make the other look¬† evil or ignorant and it no longer becomes about true science or true spirituality anymore.

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