Demon Tech

Hey! Look down here. I appreciate your perspective of the extremes of technology use-I really do and I can see some of your points are valid… in extreme cases. I agree, some people use it to their own detriment. I agree people could be missing out on other things…just like you’d be missing out on things when you do just about anything else. Some people may need a little push to create more balance. But I’m not going to let this extreme belief that technology and screen time is bad, make me feel guilty for allowing me and my kids to use it. I hope you aren’t letting people make you feel shamed for using tech if it suits you and your family. I’m a big girl. If I’m feeling more lousy using it, or feel like my kids don’t have enough of my attention, well then I will decide to balance it out more. The conspiracy theorist in me has to ask, “Is the whole demonizing of tech spearheaded by paper and newspapers/magazine companies?”  So that maybe people will get back to ignoring each other with paper copies of biased news-and kids will keep more contained in public with coloring.  I’ve learned-am learning -to balance, and so can all the people who are feeling guilty or shamed into believing the screen is the devil.  Balance! You all have to do what feels right for you but I’m happy letting my kids(and myself) have fairly unlimited screen time. It allows me some “just me”  time- I don’t want to spend every single moment engaging my kids-I need time to get lost in a story, be entertained, be inspired , learn something, or write. My kids need that as well as skills to entertain themselves. This can be done when they or I or both are using technology. I do encourage my kids to play outside, I do initiate some handy crafts, I let them help me in the kitchen and with projects, chores, and errands. I read to them, and chat with them, roughhouse and cuddle with them. I feed them, bathe them, sleep with them, and wipe their butts.  Often, those are the things I do when other people aren’t looking-just like most parents. So when I’m in public I won’t feel bad about checking facebook, using google maps instead of asking directions, sharing photos, or distracting my kids with apps. When we are at home I’m going to quite happily enjoy playing video games, watching shows, blogging, or writing long ass fb statuses. Technology allows me time to myself but it also really does help me be more sociable and engaged with people including my kids. With screen time (computer, internet, gaming, and television),I’ve been able to unwind, question my own lifestyle,  laugh, learn new things, be inspired, share with far away friends a peak into our day to day lives-and me into theirs, and make memories with my friends and family.  Yes, sometimes I do feel so lonely it hurts, but social media didn’t make me that way. I’ve made friends, real friends and stayed in touch with others, using the internet. Facebook has this button that allows me to hide all the friends that aren’t really friends and I use it. Sure there are people who are probably using it too much, people who would be better off finding a balance. But someone using a smart phone on the street, or on a bus, or in a restaurant does not always make that person sad or bad. Sometimes I do need a reminder to look up and so do other people. But I don’t really need to be shamed into feeling my life will be ruined for using it.


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