Back To Blogging, Facebook…Its Been Fun

Also titled: Why I’m getting tired of Facebook

I joined FB because my friends did and I want to be just like my friends. Sort of.. well not really. I actually appreciated such a convenient way to have a community with my friends. Especially since I don’t get to see them very often. People need people and moms need moms. I loved reading nearly daily updates, being able to jump into a conversation, and checking out links that my fellow parents posted. Eventually I started becoming a fan of or liking pages and local businesses. I could see specials from my favorite eateries and check hours without much searching. I liked reminders from parenting sites about gentle ways to raise my kids, recipes and articles from my favorite food blogs, and news biased more toward my political beliefs. I didn’t feel bad for hiding posts from friends and family who I may like but don’t care to see daily updates or comments that go extremely against my own personal beliefs. I still occasionally would check their pages just to keep up on their lives and news. Facebook was a great way for me to keep social, entertained, informed, and motivated.

And I like sharing. I shared tidbits of my life, links to pages I appreciate, pictures, and while I typically tried to avoid arguing I even commented with my opinion sometimes. After a few incidents I did tighten up my friends list and became more discerning about where and what I posted. I talk a little about that here. But it was still fun.

But its not the same anymore. All those pages I like, they post mostly pics with inspiring quotes-sometimes several a day-WHAT IS WITH THE FREAKING OVERABUNDANCE OF INSPIRING QUOTES AND INSTAGRAM-LIKE PHOTOS! I like a good quote and a creative picture now and then but my news feed is covered with them. It takes a lot of time to weed through it all and you can’t just turn it off like with game requests. I would still like to see the articles they link but question the value of it anymore.

And where have all my friends gone? There’s a few still on there but again with the weeding just to find them. I’ve quit weeding my garden, now its to quit wasting my time on FB. Really, FB is no longer the social outlet I appreciated but rather a time consuming bore.

I spend a lot time in my head already. Without friends to communicate with I’ve spent even more time there. A lot goes on up there and to let it out I like write. Since I’m too wordy for FB I’d like to get back to blogging-maybe journaling some. I could even start finding places to submit writing for income. Maybe I’ll even re-acquire some skill and writing creativity that has been put on hold for a while.

Facebook, this isn’t goodbye forever. It’s just…lets take a little time to ourselves.


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