Port Aransas Vacay Highlights

Taking pic from surf at Port Aransas beach while Daddy and tots fly kite-Van is right there within easy access


Well of course it was worth it 🙂 Traveling is always worth it in my opinion and I do love a good road trip. I think its so important to create memories and expose myself (and kids) to new sights, smells, sounds, etc.  Traveling with kids is easy with a certain mindset and a few tricks. Its important to keep the journey fun too. I’m working on a list of invaluable tools to bring when traveling with kids.

We saw lots of varied landscapes and drove through our first dust storms. I even like to see the different names of common gas stations, grocery stores, and fast food joints a long the way. Never did eat at “Whataburger”. The industry, agriculture, and ranch animals were different from our area. Saw more goats then I’ve ever seen in my life.  One word description of eastern CO, western OK, and northern TX-”desolate”. Not even a cow or farmstead in sight. Just  miles of yucca and shrubbery ridden “pasture”.

The town itself was neat. Loads of colorful houses on thick stilts-ours was yellow. Some of the houses were run down and weather worn but that’s anywhere. Palm trees, sand, sea birds, fishing boats- It was a beach bum/fishing  town more then a cute little town with shops like I had envisioned. But the restaurants were varied and tasty-many of them in shack like structures but that doesn’t put me off. There were artisans around but didn’t really hit any of those places with the kids. Big beach-brand shops with some neat stuff.

Loved the sound of palm trees in the breeze-almost like rain-it was usually breezy but not uncomfortable like the wind here. Nor was it overly humid-the mid day sun was intense even through the breeze but we usually hit the pool or opened up the house and relaxed. Interesting mix of birds-one moment could here morning doves which reminded me of growing up on the farm here in SD and the next a bird which would start with a squeak, morph into a crackle, and end in a shuffle sound. I remember hearing those in Mexico and thinking they were some kind of monkey.

The ocean was kind of rough everyday but the last night, but even the tots would splash around in the surf sometimes. Shelling at low tide was fun-lots sand dollar pieces but A and J managed to find a couple intact ones. It was fun to watch neat little mollusks that would be exposed with the waves and bury themselves back in the sand. Saw a few jelly fish and teeny tiny crabs. The last night the ocean was so calm that we could walk really far out and it would only reach our ankles. The water was warm and as usual the sound of the surf so very mesmerizing.

Had interesting flavors of gelato everyday from a free wi-fi coffe shop around the corner.

There was a pretty big storm the day we arrived-in fact we had to re-route to avoid flooding. So the beach was littered with sea weed. But the city spent the week cleaning it up-just like snow plow and removal cept with sea weed and the smell of it rotting toward the end of the week was a little strong in some places. The beach is long and you drive (like a road), park, and can even camp right on it. If you’ll notice from some pics, our van was never very far from us. It was nice not to have haul a bunch of crap on our backs or with a stroller. Just throw it in the van and pull it out when we needed it. We could always find a private to semi-private part of beach somewhere even when the huge sand castle festival rolled in the last weekend. Flying kites was a breeze, just had to open it up and hold on. The sand was so compacted you could easily drive, walk, push a stroller, or ride a bike on it. Yet you could easily dig it up enough for sand castle building and burying your toes.

Yep, it was a good adventure.


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