Projects and Purging

Re Boot- K, lets see if I can get this thing (blog) started again.

I’m learning that with two busy toddlers I can still have a couple projects of my own going on at a time-but it takes some planning and a peaceful mindset. Actually, I seem to do better when I work a little here and a little there. At least if feels like I get more done. More importantly working in bits put my brain in the mindset that its okay to get out of the flow and attend to the needs and wants of a child or two when I’m called on. When I attach myself to one project I feel like I have to finish it in a given time and I get irritable when called away. And when I have no projects, I feel overwhelmed with where to start and so I don’t. Silly how we trick ourselves into feeling disarrayed.

The projects I’ve been working on are sewing and purging (stuff not food)

Project Purge-the view from my desk

For now project purge is put away-actually its mostly done. But I started out with a few important stipulations: 1. that chaos would be okay for awhile  2. the mess was going away for the holidays even if the project wasn’t done  3. I wouldn’t get stuck on one project and would easily and peacefully step out of it if I was needed elsewhere

Blogging itself is a project but I’ll try to keep it in the loop. Writing is a creative endeavor for me and sometimes my brain is on automatic or the creativity is used up elsewhere. Here’s what’s coming up in near future for both projects and posts:

Sewing, Sewing, and more Sewing

The holidays are here. I’ve been perusing the internet for simple sewing projects as gifts. Found some fun simple patterns for oven mitts, ornaments, luggage tags, and organizers. If I manage to get them done before the holidays I’ll post my results as well as links I found the ideas. I’m finding some nifty craft bloggers as well as fun shops for supplies.

Speaking of sewing. I’m thinking of starting a children’s line of clothes. I want to sell mostly local. Not because I don’t have high aspirations, but rather because I like the idea of local economy and quality hand made products. The clothes are going to be a mix of designer, organic, and upcycled (from thrift stores and my own closet) fabric and embellishments. I’ll post many of the items here first. I’m only in the beginning stages of planning and getting patterns made but I hope to start some actual sewing in a few days.

Don’t worry, it won’t all be sewing:

As usual there will still be my commentary on Unschooling/homeschooling, Attachment Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Food(ism), Spirituality, and as I learn more, I’m gonna start throwing in some bits about economy/politics-feel free to skip those posts or maybe learn a little something with me.

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