The Boobie Couch



A list of things I can do while nursing a baby or two:

Watch netflix on my ipod or computer

Read books on my ipod

Check into the Boobie Couch on my ipod-lol

Type one-handed at my computer

Stir a pot

Chat one handed

SLEEP-yes even at night in the same bed


Make lists

Draw designs for sewing projects


Eat in a restaurant

Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air

Walk around a store

Change a diaper

Have a conversation

Look deep into my baby’s eyes and feel the LOVE.


Links for nursing friendly sites and breastfeeding support organizations.

La Leche League

Peaceful Parenting or DrMomma

Mothering online Mag

Breastfeeding online

AAFP statement of feeding beyond infancy



I’m making this a whole page so I can add to the list of resources as I find/think of them.

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